Orion team commences work on Phase II of eLandJamaica

Orion team commences work on Phase II of eLandJamaica


Ontario, Canada, 3 August 2006: After the successful completion of Phase I in January, 2003, Orion Technology has commenced efforts to implement Phase II of eLandJamaica. Initiated in mid 2001 by Jamaica’s National Land Agency (NLA), Phase I provided a streamlined and integrated system that offered a web-based point of access for all land-related issues. Orion implemented a Java based web application that sits on an Oracle database and provides customizable searches and reports using Crystal Reports and ArcIMS as the mapping platform.

Set to go live on January 1, 2007, NLA clients and internal staff will find a more user-friendly application with easier navigation and search capabilities, and improved data sets providing enhanced mapping functionality. A simplified purchase experience will include a shopping cart model, online payment with or without a subscription account, and PDF outputs that users can download and even re-visit. Phase II will allow system administration capabilities to be divided among a wider set of roles. It will also provide updates from additional data sources and departments to improve data quality, currency, and coverage as well as provide a more scalable reporting infrastructure and better financial reporting.

Phase I provided NLA with a solid, modern national land information system. It allowed customers to purchase property related information and scanned documents from an online application for a given price. NLA’s large clients could create and manage their own users, assign permissions, set limits on the expenditures of staff each month, and receive online expenditure reports.

Currently, the application can be accessed only by those individuals who hold subscription accounts with the National Land Agency as well as internal staff. Phase II is intended to extend the availability of eLandJamaica to any citizen with a valid credit card.