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Orion makes strides in the arena of e-governance in Middle East

Orion Technology has announced that after successful implementation of OnPoint solutions at Dubai Municipality in the United Arab Emirates, Muscat Municipality in Oman, and oil company Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia have selected OnPoint for their Web GIS solutions. These web-GIS implementations are the latest in a series of international successes for Orion.

For example, Dubai Municipality, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf, took advantage of the multi-lingual capabilities of Orion’s software to implement a full enterprise GIS for both public and internal use. Orion developed a GIS strategic plan for the municipality and then helped to implement a web-based front-end for the municipality’s spatial data. Through this web-based GIS portal, in either Arabic or English, citizens can browse interactive maps for regional information, zooming in or out on maps as required. As well, businesses can embed links to these maps, allowing international companies (such as courier and food delivery companies) to use the GIS for local delivery services and local companies to leverage real estate and zoning information for business development.

In the near future, Muscat Municipality in Oman and Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia will be going live with their OnPoint implementations as well. Again, due to Orion’s support of the Arabic character set, both Muscat and Saudi Aramco will be launching web portals that provide spatial data to their customers in an effort to make each organization’s spatial data easy to access and use. Saudi Aramco, one of the largest oil and gas producing companies in the world represents one of the first private oil & gas companies to use OnPoint, demonstrating that the need for efficient management and presentation of spatial data transcends economic or government sectors.