OriginGPS launches new module with integrated multi-GNSS module

OriginGPS launches new module with integrated multi-GNSS module


US: OriginGPS launched its revolutionary Multi Micro Spider, boasting the world’s smallest footprint within a fully integrated and highly sensitive multi-GNSS module. The Multi Micro Spider is uniquely positioned for applications that require quick movement, minimal power consumption and ultra-small form factors, ranging from wearables to drones.

OriginGPS’ Multi Micro Spider supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo, featuring MediaTek technology for optimal performance, signal accuracy and power efficiency within ultra-small size. Like its predecessor, the Multi Micro Hornet (ORG1510-MK), the Multi Micro Spider’s (ORG4033) module utilizes MediaTek’s MT3333 chip and its onboard flash memory to achieve a rapid update rate and positioning speed of up to 10Hz.

“With the Multi Micro Spider, we’re breaking new ground in what’s possible with GNSS footprints,” said Gal Jacobi, CEO of OriginGPS. “In fact, the new Multi Micro Spider is the smallest multi-GNSS module ever created. It’s a plug and play solution that will enable developers to easily improve performance of products while shortening time to market.”

Utilizing MediaTek’s MT3333 chip, the Multi Micro Hornet extends the functionality of GPS and GNSS solutions in wearables, drones and Internet of Things devices, providing a highly integrated multi-GNSS solution that delivers the world’s smallest footprint, without sacrificing any of its superior power consumption, signal sensitivity and accuracy.

Source: Yahoo