Home Business Awards Origin GIS Wins Award at 2002 ESRI Business Partner Conference

Origin GIS Wins Award at 2002 ESRI Business Partner Conference

ESRI, a provider of GIS software, and Power Delivery Associate has announced that Origin GIS was awarded the distinction of first place in the category of Best Productivity Enhancement Solution in the ESRI ArcGIS Challenge Contest.

The ArcGIS Challenge Contest was designed to highlight ESRI business partners who have developed solution products based on ArcGIS, ESRI’s flagship GIS software. The contest was judged at the 2002 ESRI International Business Partner Conference held in Palm Springs, California, February 24-26, 2002.

Origin GIS is a MultiSpeak Compliant enterprise solution for electric utilities built on ESRI’s ArcGIS 8.1 technology. Used by electric utilities throughout the country, Origin GIS provides a user-friendly interface within ArcGIS for the creation and maintenance of electrical facilities data. Origin GIS enables utilities to quickly and accurately create a detailed electrical connectivity model, which permits tracing within the ESRI environment and seamless data exchange with engineering analysis, outage management system, customer information system, and work order automation software systems.