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GIS Institute, Noida, organized a 2-days Orientation Programme on ‘Geo-Informatics (GIS/GPS/RS) for Decision Makers’ from State and Central Government of India on 19th and 20th of December 2002 at Department of Information Technology, New Delhi. The Orientation Programme was conducted in association with Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, New Delhi

The objective of the Programme was to proliferate the usage of Geo-Informatics technologies amongst the government decision makers and hence increase awareness levels of the basic utilities of Geo-Informatics. These technologies are being increasingly used for effective management of resources, infrastructure and utility services. Geo-Informatics is a quick and cost effective planning tool in the process of decision making, creating and correlating databases for different periodical phenomenon and ability to see large geographical areas in the form of seamless digital maps of various themes from different perspectives. The use of Geo-Informatics for implementation, monitoring, decision making, is being adopted in some states, however there is a need for this tool to be exploited by all states, departments, central ministries and organizations.

The technical session had discussion on different Geo-Informatics technology including Aerial Photography, Satellite Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System, Global Positioning System and Mobile Mapping. Dr. Prithvish Nag, The Surveyor General of India delivered special session on “Digital Cartographic Data – Some Initiatives”, followed by policy and the formalities of getting digital data from survey of India. Field demonstration on mobile mapping was undertaken explain the benefits and simplicity of the technology. Presentations from the industry were also made to highlight different applications of this technology for better planning and decision-making.

There were more than 40 decision makers and technical experts from state and central government, who participated in the programme from all over the country. The attendees of the programme showed interest in applying these technologies, not only for development and execution of activities in their respective locations and domains but also as key tool for implementation and monitoring. The participants emphasized the need of customized training and GIS solutions for different state Governments.