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Organisations will require location standard: Steven Ramage

USA: Some multinational organisations, such as Intel, now have location divisions and that there will come a time when all of these organisations will need location standards to share location data, observed Steven Ramage, Executive Director, Open Geospatial Consortium. Ramage was in conversation with thewherebusiness.com.
Ramage said, “During Mobile World Congress, it seemed to be that many organisations are working on indoor navigation; one of the notable presentations coming from CSR. Number of open geospatial or location standards can play an important role in mobile, ranging from our work on Augmented Reality to Open GeoSMS, Sensor Web and 3D. Over time many of these things will just be part of LBS.”

According to Ramage, the OGC has recently created two new working groups (in OGC terms known as a Standards Working Group or SWG) to address the need to model, visualise and share location data between and among indoor navigation applications. This standards work covers a wide spectrum of requirements and application areas such as indoor LBS, augmented reality, indoor web map services, indoor emergency control, guiding services for visually handicapped persons in indoor space and indoor robotics. The work also considers how, from a standards perspective, to allow seamless navigation from outdoor to indoor environments. Several commercial services for indoor spatial information have been recently launched such as Google Maps and Bing Indoor Maps.

“In order to meet the market demand for location based services, the industry will need standard ways to communicate indoor location and navigation information. There is a critical need for coordination of indoor navigation standards efforts in various standardisation organisations to ensure interoperability and provide seamless navigation between indoor space and outdoor spaces,” stressed Ramage.

Source: www.thewherebusiness.com