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Oregon signs ELA

USA: The State of Oregon has signed an enterprise license agreement (ELA) with ESRI. With unlimited access to ESRI ArcGIS software, the state cuts procurement costs and encourages widespread GIS application development for more efficient operations. Oregon has already leveraged its ELA to develop a GIS-based stimulus funds tracking Web site. It joins states across the United States that are realising the value of ESRI ELAs including Alabama, Delaware, Maine, Montana, and North Carolina.

Oregon also recently passed legislation making ESRI technology the standard for GIS in all state agencies. The administrative rule is Oregon’s first IT standard. Operating from this common foundation with wide access to ArcGIS software will ease GIS software administration and improve collaboration, data sharing, and communication across agencies. The ELA, combined with the state’s GIS standard, will encourage rapid growth of navigatOR, Oregon’s initiative to cost-effectively develop and manage statewide geospatial data in coordination with local, state, tribal, and federal government. The state’s data and Web mapping applications are available via Oregon Explorer.