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Ordnance Survey’s boss holds Britain in her hands

October 9, 2002 In July 2002, Tadpole-Cartesia has announced the largest software contract in its history. In partnership with ESRI, the developer of geospatial technology, Tadpole was appointed prime contractor to build Ordnance Survey’s next-generation field information system enabling the mapping agency’s 400-plus field surveyors to record every building, road, pathway and object in Britain and send that information from the field to OS central databases in Southampton.

The most detailed and ambitious mapping project ever undertaken by a mapping agency, the system is being built around the Tadpole Group’s ESRI ArcGIS-based field mapping and Endeavors Technology’s Magi peer-to-peer software collaboration products. The first seamlessly extends corporate data into the field, the second provides mobile workforces with an intelligent and secure 2-way web communication platform to share and interact on files and data in both disconnected and real time modes.