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Ordnance Survey to move from Land-Line products to OS Master Map

UK, 06 June 2007: Ordnance Survey declared 30th September 2008 to be the withdrawal date for its Land-Line family of products. The decision follows a public consultation meant to explore the impact of product migration in market sectors such as local government, utilities and land and property.

Ordnance Survey is planning to move exclusively to OSMasterMap database product from its previous Land-Line products. Ordnance has reported that more than 1,000 public sector and utility customers have moved from legacy products to OS MasterMap in the past year.

OS MasterMap is also helping to support the Digital National Framework (DNF), a collaborative initiative between members of the private and public sectors to provide a model for data sharing through consistent and readily available formats. DNF offers the ability to link multiple information sources to a definitive location, reducing the amount of data duplication and the cost of gathering data by enabling a ‘create once, use many times’ model.

OS MasterMap database contains geographic features available in five data layers:

  • OS MasterMap Topography Layer (It is a large-scale, polygonised and topographic database product)
  • OS MasterMap Integrated Transport NetworkTM (ITN) Layer (It provides the national dataset for Great Britain.)
  • OS MasterMap Address Layer and OS MasterMap Address Layer 2 (Both provide postal address coordinates across Great Britain and contains a range of new data such as Objects without postal addresses (OWPAs), Multi-occupancies without postal addresses (MOWPAs), alternative geographic / Welsh addresses and building names)
  • OS MasterMap Imagery Layer (It is supplied to customers as orthorectified colour aerial imagery data.)

    Land-Line and OS MasterMap:
    Land-Line product has a database containing 229,000 Land-Line tiles covering Great Britain, surveyed and digitized at three different scales:

  • 1:1250 scale in urban areas;
  • 1:2500 scale in rural areas; and
  • 1:10,000 scale for remote areas such as mountains

    Land-Line will continue to be supported and licensed until 30 September 2008 and later Ordnance will help its customers to adopt OS MasterMap Topography layer.