Ordnance Survey signs new agreement with Network Rail

Ordnance Survey signs new agreement with Network Rail


UK, 10 February 2007 – Ordnance Survey has entered into a new three-year agreement with Network Rail, worth £2.6 million, for the supply of a range of data products, including OS MasterMap Topography, Address and Imagery Layers.

Ordnance Survey’s relationship with Network Rail, the company that owns and maintains Britain’s rail infrastructure, dates back to 1999, when GIS was recognised as a key component of the company’s IS strategy. Network Rail’s corporate system, the ‘GI Portal’, now provides a valuable central resource available across the business.

In addition to its internal operations, Network Rail supplies the Ordnance Survey data to contractors to support a wide range of projects, including renewals and maintenance. Currently, some 655 projects have been supplied, which highlights the growing importance of geographic information to the rail industry.

Ordnance Survey is reinforcing the relationship by also providing expertise and technical advice to Network Rail in the design and implementation of a detailed track level model of the rail network.