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Ordnance Survey presents award for “Better Mapping”

UK: The Highland Council’s map showing Inverness city’s (in Scotland) main developments in 2010 won Ordnance Survey’s (OS) “Better Mapping” award at the British Cartographic Society (BCS) Symposium. The map was based-on OS MasterMap.

The map was the most recent in a series highlighting the major developments in Inverness. Previous versions had been based on 1:10 000 Scale Colour Raster due to its ease of viewing, but the Highland Council decided to update the developments, remake the background and revise the layout. After winning the award, Peter Alexander at The Highland Council said, “No other product had the desired level of detail and clarity, so OS MasterMap was used as the starting point. The purpose of the map is to clearly display the development areas around Inverness along with the necessary text to describe them. We are pleased to have achieved this so effectively and delighted to have our work recognised with this award.”

The Highland Council used ArcMap, Photoshop and Illustrator to create their City of Inverness Major Development sites map for 2010. Buildings were defined in seven classes according to area in ArcMap with subtle depth-cueing and shading applied in Illustrator. The largest buildings were coloured a slighter tint of the original building colour and given the longest shadows, with smaller buildings being shaded progressively darker with shorter and shorter shadows to suggest diminishing height.

Bob Lilley, Ordnance Survey’s Cartography Manager and President of BCS, said: “OS MasterMap was used creatively to define colours and textures to render a semi‑realistic impression of the city of Inverness whilst maintaining the precision of the original product.”

Source: Ordnance Survey