Ordnance Survey Ireland unveils MapGenie

Ordnance Survey Ireland unveils MapGenie


Ireland: MapGenie, a new online mapping service, has been unveiled by Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI). It will provide online access to the most complete and highest quality map data available for Ireland at a range of scales from OSI and Land and Property Services Northern Ireland (LPS) geodatabases through an all-Ireland web mapping service. It will allow users to connect directly from their desktop to provide easy and instant access to premium map data at a variety of scales for the entire island of Ireland. OSI will house all map information and it will update customers’ view of map data as the database is expanded.

Built on industry standards, MapGenie will operate across browsers and operating systems and may be used with or to supplement existing web-based applications built around Google Maps or Microsoft Bing interfaces. A number of public and private sector organisations already use MapGenie in its prototype form.

Geraldine Ruane, OSI chief executive, said, “MapGenie is an important milestone for OSI. Using the latest technology, the new online service will support the development of national industry and assist public sector organisations improve existing services as well as introduce new services.”

Hugh Mangan, business and marketing manager at OSI, said, “MapGenie was licensed under the annual data licence, giving existing customers access to the service. The price of that annual licence is dependent on the data required by customers. It is a good news story for existing customers because we are trying to add value to our relationship with them.”

The national mapping agency said that MapGenie can also be used by existing customers through a web-based map viewing application that combines a selection of an organisation’s data with OSI map data.

Source: Irish Times