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Ordnance Survey improves rural mapping programme

Southampton, UK, 28 June 2007: An improved programme to update the most detailed mapping of rural Britain has been announced by Ordnance Survey. The key aim of the new programme is to improve a process called “cyclic revision” in rural areas. This has traditionally involved systematic aerial photography “sweeps” at intervals of either five or ten years. The scheduling of sweeps will now move away from a purely cyclic basis to one led chiefly by intelligence on landscape change.

Physical changes across more than 220,000 km2 of rural, mountain and moorland landscapes will be collected in line with currency levels based on new, more integrated ways of working already under way in urban areas.

Under the new programme:
• All primary features, such as residential, industrial and transport infrastructure developments, will continue to be surveyed within six months of completion.
• A varying 2–10 year programme of cyclic rural revision will maintain all secondary features such as field boundary changes and small non residential buildings.
• All areas of Great Britain will be revised in a more integrated programme – populated or rapidly changing rural areas will be revised more frequently than previously, with remote areas still being revised at least once every ten years. Revision intervals may vary according to patterns of known change and customer need.