Ordnance Survey improves positioning capabilities across London

Ordnance Survey improves positioning capabilities across London


UK, 22 January 2007 – Ordnance Survey is adding state-of-the-art satellite positioning receivers around the Thames Gateway and 2012 Olympic site as part of its ongoing investment in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) across Britain.

The new receivers will pick up multiple satellite navigation constellations, providing even greater versatility to Ordnance Survey’s national OS Net infrastructure. OS Net already provides data through the use of over 100 base stations across the country that allow Ordnance Survey partners to offer correction information to GNSS to centimetre level. The new receivers reflect Ordnance Survey’s continuing commitment to champion GNSS technology, which underpins millions of pounds of key infrastructure throughout the country.

The receivers will not only be compatible with the American Global Positioning System but also the Russian GLONASS network and Europe’s own Galileo system. By offering its partners as much choice as possible, Ordnance Survey hopes to make GNSS services as robust as possible for the next 5-10 years. This greater flexibility will also further increase the availability of satellite positioning in built-up regions, tied into faster signal acquisition and even greater accuracy for projects demanding high-precision mapping.

Initially developed to support Ordnance Survey’s own field staff, OS Net data is now available commercially, so technology partners can build applications for their customers. Ordnance Survey’s continuing investment in OS Net – which recently saw the extension of the network in north-west Scotland – reflects a growing demand from partners for a network that supports a wider choice of positioning applications.

Surveyors, construction engineers and the utilities industry are among the core users, and increasingly OS Net is being used in flood control, emergency services tracking, insurance risk assessment and other activities.

The installation of the new receivers is part of a process to reorganise some of the other OS Net base stations in the south-east to provide better coverage for London. Ordnance Survey data has a rich pedigree of adding value to a number of high-profile construction projects such as the Channel Tunnel High Speed Rail Link. With the Thames Gateway to undergo massive redevelopment over the next 5-10 years, this investment in OS Net reinforces Ordnance Survey’s commitment to supporting flagship construction projects.

Neil Ackroyd, Director of Data Collection & Management at Ordnance Survey, says: “All our activities are focused on providing the definitive geographic context for the places we all live and work in. Businesses, organisations and individuals depend on our authoritative and reliable location data every day.

“That’s why from the start of the Thames Gateway project our data is crucial to the delivery of a sustainable living environment by offering our commercial partners a network capable of underpinning applications offering unparalleled detail and accuracy. “Our new receivers will expand an already extensive infrastructure. Ordnance Survey data enables our partners to analyse and visualise developments from the planning stage through to 2012 and beyond”.