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Orbital’s new growth strategy focuses on small drones

Small Unmanned aerial system's engine powered by Orbital FlexDI heavy fuel technologyAustralia: Orbital Corporation Limited has rolled out a new growth plan with a focus on small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) market, amongst other initiatives.

The company is focussed on the heavy fuel small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) market with its patented FlexDi engine management system, which is a large part of its strategy for top line growth.

Textron Unmanned Systems, a division of Textron Inc is already utilising FlexDi on its Aerosonde 4.7 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Insitu Inc., a subsidiary of The Boeing Company is another big company for which Orbital is currently developing a design, development and validation program for a next generation propulsion system utilising FlexDi. The new propulsion system for Insitu-Boeing is claimed to be the most advanced ever released in this segment of the drone market with features poised to drive adoption across a larger range of products.

The overall market for various UAV sizes is estimated at over $3 billion per annum and is projected to double in the next five years.

Source: Orbital Corp