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Orbital Insight launches GO platform to give customers the power to monitor the world’s economic activity

USA: Orbital Insight has announced the launch of its commercial geospatial analytics product, GO, to empower customers to monitor change anywhere on Earth. The multi-source intelligence platform ingests and contextualizes millions of data points from satellite imagery, SAR sensors, geolocation data from nearly 800 million connected devices, and other sensors to provide observations based on the user’s criteria. Financial institutions, corporates, NGOs and governments can leverage GO’s proprietary computer vision and data science algorithms to monitor activity in their areas of interest – from oil supply in OPEC to foot traffic at U.S. retail outlets to deforestation in the Amazon – all in near real-time. GO, a SaaS tool that runs in the cloud and is integrated with various geospatial data providers, allows customers to gain objective, transparent and timely analytics on a global scale and on a daily basis.

Customers can leverage Orbital Insight’s curated “data feeds” on the first day of their subscription, delivering normalized information on a daily cadence across key sectors – these feeds include:

  • GO Energy, which provides the only daily, comprehensive and objective estimates of global and regional crude oil inventories
  • GO Consumer, which monitors foot traffic data covering 300,000 retail locations as well as mall analytics across 3,300 key U.S. shopping centers
  • GO Refineries, which tracks daily refinery activity to identify the start and end of plant maintenance in order to gain critical supply data 2-3 days faster than any market alternative

For customers with more specific investment theses and questions, GO Create allows the user to create their own data feed by specifying what they want to count and measure, where, and over any period of time. Orbital Insight will continue expanding its offering of curated data feeds to the GO platform over the coming weeks and months. Those in development include feeds monitoring auto manufacturing, mining, and real estate.

“GO puts the power of Orbital Insight’s intelligence and data platform into customer’s hands – giving investors, corporates, governments and other organizations the ability to monitor a huge range of economic events across the globe as they happen,” said Dr. James Crawford, Chief Executive Officer at Orbital Insight. “GO pulls enormous quantities of data from multiple types of sensors from all over the world, applies Orbital Insight’s proprietary computer vision and data science algorithms, and delivers observable, actionable insights to customers to help them make better business and policy decisions.”

Customers can use GO, for example, to monitor workforce trends at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. GO’s foot traffic counts at the factory are highly correlated to publicly announced auto production numbers, and the data is available to users ahead of the market and with the ability to be directly placed into a financial model.

 Customers interested in U.S. fracking activity can use GO to track activity at any and every frack pad in the U.S. with the ability to zero in on a particular basin or region of interest. GO monitors foot and vehicle traffic at frack sites to determine stages of drill prep, ongoing activity and completion as a reliable indicator of production.

GO can also offer insights in response to major natural disasters like hurricanes. By simply selecting an area of interest in a hurricane’s path in GO, customers can monitor vehicle and geolocation traffic to any major retail outlet during storm prep, the storm itself and the recovery period in order to derive immediate insights into the performance of a retail brand like Home Depot or Walmart before the release of publicly reported earnings figures.