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Orbit presents Strabo Photogrammetry and Strabox 3D at INTERGEO

Belgium, 9 October 2006: ORBIT Geospatial Technologies has announced the release of the Strabo Photogrammetry Suite and the Strabox 3D viewing system. The new versions of Strabo will be presented at INTERGEO, Munich, Germany from 10- 12 October.

Strabo Photogrammetry offers project management, bundle adjustment, DEM registration, stereo viewing and softcopy tools all in one package. Strabo comes as extension to Orbit GIS, which automatically integrates 3D and Softcopy production environment in client/server GIS solutions. All GIS tools are available within Strabo.
The Strabo system supports anaglyph viewing (Stereo Explorer is available separately), Stereographics, Strabox and other 3D viewing techniques. 3D data captation is supported by a 3-button system-mouse, or the advanced Immersion 3D Softmouse.

“By integrating Photogrammetry tools in GIS, Strabo can rely on all GIS features, such as direct-to-GIS capitation, client/server data management, shared resources, and more. Strabo adds 2D and 3D synced viewing, accessing all Orbit GIS resources on the fly”, says Peter Bonne, Product Manager of Orbit GT.

Strabo supports scanned standard aerial photography, Imagery from digital frame cameras, up to terrestrial hand-taken images in most image formats. Image performance is enhanced by photo-by-photo multi-resolution layers and tiled buffering. On-the-fly image contrast enhancement improves visibility of details.

Strabo Photogrammetry is now available for download for Windows platforms. Other platforms will follow soon.

– Strabox 3D Viewing system
The Strabox 3D Viewing hardware presents outstanding 3D visualization and a high quality environment for softcopy production.

-Orbit Geospatial Technologies and Eurotronics-
Based in Lokerem, Belgium, The Orbit GIS Technology is the GIS development department of Eurotronics. Eurotronics is founded in 1972 as R&D unit supporting the business of map making and photogrammetry. The Orbit technology is Eurotronics 4th generation GIS technology empowering numerous custom made solutions.