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Orbit launches SpyMeSat iPhone app

US: Orbit Logic has launched iPhone version of its SpyMeSat mobile app that will offer in-app purchase of recent high resolution satellite imagery.

For providing this image, Orbit Logic recently signed an agreement with DigitalGlobe. DigitalGlobe maintains a global, high resolution satellite imagery archive, which SpyMeSat users will now be able to tap into.

SpyMeSat users will be able to use their mobile device to preview a recent commercial satellite image of a specified location, select the desired image size, and purchase the image for download. Once the images are downloaded, they can be printed, e-mailed, or displayed in social media.

Alex Herz, president of Orbit Logic, developers of the SpyMeSat App, said that the high resolution commercial satellite imagery would be offered at a starting price of $14.99 for a 1km square image. Alex Herz said that with this accessibility and pricing level he expects expanded use of satellite imagery by state and local governments and small businesses for real estate, land use, remote site monitoring, and other applications.

Source: Orbit Logic