Orbit GT exhibits and showcases latest 3D Mapping Portfolio at SPAR 3D...

Orbit GT exhibits and showcases latest 3D Mapping Portfolio at SPAR 3D & AEC

3D Mapping Cloud viewer combining city-wide mobile mapping data (point cloud), base map and backdrop. And a 3D tagging example

US: Orbit GT will exhibit at the joint SPAR 3D and AEC conference Anaheim, California.

“We’re really looking forward to this joint SPAR 3D and AEC event.  There’s a lot to show as new features have been released in our 18.1 desktop products, and very interesting developments on our SaaS platform 3D Mapping Cloud.”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT.

“As reality capture techniques evolves and data volumes grow, so does the need for tools that can disseminate and share these large volumes.  That’s exactly Orbit GT’s top expertise.  No more time to waste on tiling and partitioning.  Upload and Share instantly.”

Current desktop version 18.1 incorporates many new features and tools to boost your productivity in using any type of reality capture content, whichever business you are in.  Easily combine Drone mapping, aerial Oblique and LiDAR, Terrestrial scanning, street-level and indoor mobile mapping.  Discover our semi- and full auto-detection tools speed up conversion of raw 3D capture data to actionable information in DOT’s day-to-day operations.

As we experience many of Orbit GT customers are using several techniques of reality capture, such as Mobile Mapping, Terrestrial scanning, Indoor Mapping Aerial LiDAR and Oblique and UAS Mapping, we worked towards an integration of our portfolio to offer a single product line covering the needs for each of these domains.  This native integration is a sure win for every customer and user.