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Orbit GIS launches new desktop and server GIS products

Orbit GIS Technologies and Eurotronics have announced the availability of new GIS solutions for desktop and server, enabling more users than ever to work with professional yet easy to use digital mapping software. Eurotronics is a R&D unit supporting the business of map making and photogrammetry. The Orbit technology is Eurotronics 4th generation GIS technology enabling numerous custom made solutions.

The Orbit GIS Family offers 3 grades of GIS desktop solutions, from a free Orbit Explorer up to a low cost, easy to use professional Orbit GIS Interactive product. The products include all essential and more GIS tools such as easy local and server resource browsing, vector and image formats support, workspace and preferences management, fast zooming and panning, overview and magnify window, dynamic geo fusion of local and remote resources, data modeling, table and database joining, find and querying, extended object inspection, buffering, import/export, annotations and redlining, measuring, metric constructions, extended object and attribute editing tools, attribute rules and formula’s definition, powerful legend creation and WYSIWYG printing.

The Enterprise Orbit Server (EOS) family offers 3 grades of GIS server software, from a free EOS Lite server up to a powerful yet easy manageable EOS Interactive server. The server systems provide restricted user access and permissions per resource per user and remote administration tools. These Orbit solutions are aimed for any professional GIS user as well as public and government organizations. Special licensing is available for student and academic use.