Orbit GIS 4.2 released

Orbit GIS 4.2 released


Scherpeputstraat, Belgium, September 03, 2007: Orbit Geospatial Technologies announced the release of Orbit GIS 4.2 for Windows on 32bit and 64bit machines. Orbit GIS 4.2 offers improvements on many issues, ranging from new editing functions, on-the-fly projection support, resource optimization, improved graphics and symbols tools. Other improvements have been made to the user interface, with focus on user friendliness to open up GIS technology to non-experienced users.

“Orbit GIS 4.2 is a great step ahead for our GIS desktop solution. It offers great new opportunities to our users. This is yet another step in providing valuable alternatives to costly solutions on the market, allowing quality solutions for everyone.”, says Peter Bonne, product manager of Orbit GT. “Orbit GIS 4.x users can upgrade at no cost.”

Orbit GIS natively supports a wide range of vector and raster data, up to terabytes of imagery including SID and ECW files and Orbit’s platform independent OMI format for optimal performance. Multiple resources can be bundled using the transparant OCR format. A free conversion utility comes with Orbit GIS.

Orbit GIS is aimed for novice and experienced GIS users, and can offer quality low cost solutions for both small offices and large enterprises. Combined with the Enterprise Orbit Server or the web mapping solution Orbit FlashMap, Orbit GIS is a perfectly integrated tool designed in portable technology Java.

Orbit Geospatial Technologies is bound to deliver highly integrated spatial software, from low to high end applications. The Orbit technology comes with a wide range of API’s to access the central toolkit and build extensions on any level of the system: user interface, desktop, internet, server, database.

Photo Locator

ORBIT Geospatial Technologies also released the Orbit GIS Photo Locator retail solution. Orbit GIS Photo Locator uses the JPG photo EXIF header to extract the position and orientation of the picture at time of taking. The images are immediately converted ready to be used in Google Earth, Google Maps, Orbit GIS and most GIS systems by using the industry standard ESRI SHP file format.

The Orbit GIS Photo Locator is also available as extension to Orbit GIS to immediately edit and refine the photo locations and orientations. Images appear in the GIS system in google-style popup.
This tool is a great way for any professional, either in mapping, making inventories, documenting sites and events or in any other business or for private use, to immediately see what is where. Easy to store or email to friends, family and collegues. Orbit GIS Photo Locator s available for only € 10,00 from the www.orbitgis.com website as from today.