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ORBIMAGE celebrates first anniversary of OrbView-3 Launch

ORBIMAGE Inc., the Dulles, VA-based satellite imaging company, announced the first anniversary of the launch of OrbView-3, its first high-resolution imaging satellite.

Launched on June 26, 2003 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, OrbView-3 orbits 470 km above the Earth in a sun-synchronous orbit while collecting imagery of all continents of the Earth’s surface at one-meter resolution in the Panchromatic (black and white) mode, and at four-meter resolution in the Multispectral(color)mode.

Since its launch, OrbView-3 has flown over 233 million kilometers around Earth, performed more than 3,100 imaging operations and has collected more than 1.5 million square kilometers of imagery. Calibration and check out of the satellite and ground station was completed in January 2004, and to date ORBIMAGE has activated three ground stations for its international regional distributors.

OrbView-3 is the newest high-resolution satellite among those commercially operated. ORBIMAGE currently expects OrbView-3 will have an operational life of 7 years, thus exceeding its 5 year design life. Imagery from the OrbView-3 satellite has many applications including mapping, environmental and agricultural monitoring, land use and land classification, natural disaster assessment, national security and forestry mapping, among others.