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Orange Slovensko launches a second phase of LBS with ESRI

ESRI has announced that Orange Slovensko (SK), the Slovakian mobile telecommunications operator, recently launched a second phase of location-based applications for its mass-market and enterprise subscribers. The new portfolio of upgraded applications and services include Friend Finder, Yellow Pages, Mobile Map, a new Bomber game, and a resource management and tracking application called Monitor, offered to customers in the business-to-business (B2B) space.

“High-quality digital maps are a key requirement for location-based services at Orange,” says Martin Kamensky, GIS manager, Orange Slovensko. “We built a unique geodatabase for Slovakia, including a large portfolio of vector and raster maps, all of which are stored in and managed by ArcSDE. Some spatial data was purchased from commercial geodata suppliers, while some was collected, edited, and geocoded by our GIS department. Our Web interfaces and new line of mobile devices with larger color screens make use of ArcIMS software’s mapping capabilities, and ESRI technology has helped us transfer it to thousands of users in the second phase of our LBS offering.” Orange SK’s second-phase LBS architecture consists of Ericsson’s Mobile Positioning System (MPS), Reach-U PinPoint Mgine middleware, and ESRI’s ArcIMS and ArcSDE. The three power Orange’s solution and create one homogeneous development platform for location-based applications in which ArcIMS is the mapping engine for GIS data visualization.