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Optech wins technology innovation award

Toronto, Canada: Optech Inc., a manufacturer of advanced LiDAR and camera survey instruments, announced that it has been awarded the MAAPS 2011 Geospatial Excellence Award for Technology Innovation.

The award was given to the ALTM Aquarius, a solution for mapping coastal and inland waterways. Compatible with the ALTM Gemini system, Aquarius collects simultaneous land and water-depth measurements, enabling wholly complete data sets that span the land/water interface. Designed as a complementary sensor to Optech’s full-featured LiDAR bathymetry systems, Aquarius provides depth information in relatively shallow water environments not previously accessible to conventional topographic mapping sensors alone.
Optech CEO Don Carswell said, “The award demonstrates our leadership in LiDAR bathymetry and imaging. Optech has been developing sophisticated LiDAR bathymeters for over three decades now, and Aquarius reflects our ability to use our expertise in one area to support developments for our customers in another application space—in this case coastal terrain mapping. This award is a great encouragement for us as we continue to develop our next-generation coastal zone mapping and imaging LiDARs.”

Source: Optech