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Optech upgrades ALTM-NAV

Toronto, Canada, September 26, 2007: Optech Incorporated, a provider of advanced lidar survey instruments, announced a major upgrade to ALTM-NAV integrated mission planning, navigation, and operations software through the incorporation of underlying digital elevation models (DEM).

With this upgrade, ALTM-NAV users will be able to plan airborne missions more effectively and efficiently using ancillary DEM information from a variety of sources. Since mission success is often gauged by the ability to collect complete data in the most efficient manner possible, an underlying DEM will enable planners to be aware of topographical changes that may affect swath widths and resultant planned flight line overlaps. Similarly, real time projection of the lidar data onto the underlying DEM will enable system operators to verify coverage in the air more effectively before leaving the survey site to return to base.

“We are excited to offer new ways of allowing our customers to maximize their efficiencies,” said Michael Sitar, Optech Product Manager for Airborne Survey Products. “Minimizing air time and ensuring data coverage are big parts of that. And DEM support paves the way,” added Sitar.