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Optech to roll out aerial imaging product lines

Toronto, Canada: Optech Incorporated – a manufacturer of advanced LiDAR survey instruments, announced that with the recent acquisition of Geospatial Systems, Inc. (GSI) they will roll out a comprehensive line of high-performance aerial imaging systems.

In June 2010, Optech took over the DiMAC camera product line with its patented True Forward Motion Compensation feature. By combining the DiMAC product line with the GSI range of specialty cameras, Optech now provides a comprehensive range of high-quality cameras for every application.

The new consolidated product line, to be known as Optech Aerial Imaging cameras, will consist of the D-13000 and D-8900 featuring cross-track pixel densities of 13000 and 8900 pixels and standard True Forward Motion Compensation. Complementing the D-series cameras are the T-series T-7200 and T-4800 cameras, boasting athermal, metric and ruggedized variants, all sharing scalable controller hardware. There is also the T-MS multispectral camera, specifically suited to remote sensing, precision agriculture, environmental assessment, oceanography and advanced surveillance, to mention just a few of the applications for which it has already been deployed.

Brent Gelhar, Optech’s Vice President of Sales and Strategy, said, “There is no other company with such dedicated expertise in the advanced aerial and terrestrial survey fields. Moving forward, the breadth of these technologies will move from ALTMs to further enhance our Lynx Mobile Mapper, ILRIS-3D tripod-mounted scanners, SHOALS bathymetric systems, and other products.”

Source: Optech