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Optech releases long-range laser 3D imaging system

Toronto, Canada: Optech Incorporated released a new long-range ILRIS-LR (Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System-Long Range) 3D laser imaging system. According to the company, it has greater range and higher point density capability than any other tripod-based terrestrial scanner currently available in the market. The design of the ILRIS-LR enables surveyors to scan ice, snow and wet surfaces with the proven high accuracy and precision of all ILRIS products.

“The new scanner enables users to expand their scanning expertise and research into environments that, up until now, presented challenges to terrestrial surveyors. With the new ILRIS-LR, we will see a significant increase in avalanche and glacier studies, along with the traditional geological and mining applications,” said Dave Adams, Optech’s Product Manager.

The ILRIS-LR is the latest addition to the ILRIS family of products and complements the ILRIS-3D and ILRIS-HD terrestrial laser scanners. There is simply no other scanner in the market that can achieve the same results as that of the ILRIS-LR while still maintaining a 10-kHz laser repetition rate, adds the comapny.

Source: Optech