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Optech announces ortho-camera

Toronto, Canada: Optech Inc., manufacturer of advanced LiDAR, aerial digital camera and survey instruments, announced its new medium-format ortho-camera, the CS-8900.

According to the company’s press statement, this rugged new camera provides high-definition mapping with the clarity that only Optech’s patented Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) can provide. Standard features include: patented field-replaceable shutter system; field-interchangeable metric and athermal lens capability; kinematic camera mounting system; a wide range of aperture and shutter speed options and near real-time light metering capability. The flexible camera controller includes scalability to add additional Optech camera modules covering visible and infrared wavelengths, plus tools to co-register imagery. Additional ultra-light packaging options facilitate UAV installations.

“Our clients demanded technology innovation without sacrificing reliability and the new CS-8900 was built to deliver both. By incorporating patented and field-proven technologies to increase operational robustness and flexibility, the new CS-8900 represents a huge leap in image collection capability and quality,” said Julien Losseau, Camera Product Manager for Optech.

The CS-8900 also integrates with Optech’s complete line of ALTM Airborne Laser Terrain Mappers. Coupled with Optech’s specialty airborne cameras, users can now build custom active/passive imaging solutions that are fully supported by a single manufacturer.

Source: Optech