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OpenSpirit version 2.4 released

OpenSpirit has announced commercial availability of the OpenSpirit GIS utilities based on ESRI’s ArcView 8.2. These utilities, including the OpenSpirit Shapes Utility and the OpenSpirit ArcView Extension, allow an end-user to scan, visualize and manage seismic, interpretation and well data simultaneously from multiple OpenSpirit-enabled data stores including Landmark’s OpenWorks, and GeoQuest’s GeoFrame and Finder project data stores. The introduction of the OpenSpirit GIS Utilities dramatically reduces the time spent locating, reformatting and loading data at the start of a new project. “OpenSpirit is focused on improving workflows for the E&P industry.” says Clay Harter, OpenSpirit’s CTO. “These new GIS utilities leverage companies existing investment in ESRI’s ArcView and dramatically reduce the time it takes to locate and incorporate all relevant data; even data spanning multiple vendor project data stores, or different versions of the same data store, into a study.” The OpenSpirit ArcView Extension works as a powerful data selection tool for all OpenSpirit-enabled applications that listen for object selection events and works with all the OpenSpirit viewers including the Section viewer, Well viewer and 3D viewer. OpenSpirit 2.4 includes a rich set of new features including:

Revised Interpretation system
2D seismic support (initial developer release)
New coordinate transformation service
OpenSpirit ArcView Extension for ESRI’s ArcMap 8.2
Enhanced OpenSpirit Shapes Utility functionality
New C++ developer library
Overall performance improvement and decreased memory usage