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OpenGIS champion

The deegree project, working on implementation of OpenGIS standards, has added Earth Resource Mapping’s ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) support to its Web Coverage Service. The deegree project is a java framework that allows the development of local and network based GIS applications, whose interface and architecture is built upon OGC and ISO standards.

The OpenGIS consortium has named the deegree project’s realizations of WMS as a reference implementation for WMS 1.1.1 specification. The OpenGIS consortium has commissioned lat/lon (co-founder of the deegree project) to create reference implementations for WCS 1.0.0 and CS-W 2.0 in deegree.

ECW is the file format of choice for GIS professionals. It offers fast and efficient compression and image management. ECW allows up to 50TB of image data to be handled as a single mosaicked file. ECW is used by a wide range of GIS, CAD, imaging, office and web applications under Windows, Macintosh, Solaris, HP/UX and Pocket PC.

Andreas Poth, Development Manager of the degree project said, “Adding ECW gives our clients the opportunity to use a very efficient raster handler to manage and secure their imagery assets. The popularity of ECW in the geospatial imagery market makes it a necessity for us to support the ECW format.”

ERM has licensing options that support the open source community.

The deegree project is a free software initiative founded by the GIS and Remote Sensing unit of the Department of Geography, University of Bonn, and lat/lon.