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ONTRACK implements Web-based GIS solution from ESRI

California, USA, 19 April 2006 —ESRI announced that the Eagle Technology Group, its distributor in New Zealand, has won the contract to implement a Web-based GIS visualization solution using ESRI’s ArcIMS Server for ONTRACK, the New Zealand government agency responsible for ownership and management of the national rail network.

The GIS will enable trains to be tracked by satellite and the information fed back to ONTRACK’s train controllers. This will provide the controllers with a geographic view of their network. Additionally, it will afford them a much greater degree of positional accuracy and enable them to make better decisions in routing, emergency response, tracking, and other related applications. Dynamic segmentation functionality within the GIS will help train controllers to record information such as correct speed, direction of travel, and train separation on the specified track.

It is anticipated that the visualization capabilities of the GIS will be fully implemented by the end of May 2006 at ONTRACK’s train control in Wellington.