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Online satellite maps to be launched in Thailand

A system has been developed to conduct satellite mapping specifically for Thailand. Starting from next month, Digital Thailand would begin distributing satellite maps in the form of compact discs to interested public and students on request. The on-line version of the map also being launched next month, would also be made available to the various organisations. Both services would be free of charge for maps taken of the general terrains. The map distribution involves a cooperation between Chulalongkorn University and the Office of Space Technology Development and Geographical Information Technology which supplies the maps. Digital Thailand would work similarly to Google Earth, only that the maps are more customised to the needs of local users. The CDs were designed for target group such as the grassroot users and schools in the remote areas with limited or restricted access to the internet. The maps displayed in the internet service would have a much finer resolution than those contained in the CDs. Digital Thailand would blot out security-sensitive areas. The system is currently being experimented before its official launch next month.