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Online platform for geospatial professionals launched

US: A platform for geospatial information management, called InSphere, has been launched by Trimble. An innovative approach for central management of geospatial operations, InSphere improves workflow, maximises efficiency and transforms the way geospatial professionals’ work and access critical operational information. InSphere is a cloud-based software platform for central management of geospatial applications, data and services. The simple and easy-to-use framework provides access to multiple applications, including three productivity-enhancing apps: InSphere Data Manager, InSphere Equipment Manager and Trimble TerraFlex to simplify field data collection. In addition, Trimble Access Services provides a seamless data connection between surveyors in the field and managers in the office. InSphere allows organisations to manage everything in one place, accessible anytime and virtually anywhere.

Geospatial customers in a range of industries, including surveying and engineering, natural resources management and mapping now have easy access to productivity-enhancing applications. The secure, cloud-based system is easy to deploy and configure to meet the needs of any organisation. "The centralised management, streamlined access and tailored toolsets of Trimble InSphere are designed to boost overall operating efficiency. Because geospatial information has the potential to transform organizations, we are simplifying access so the benefits of this information can be shared more readily with those who need it,” said Alain Samaha, business area director of software for Trimble's Geospatial Division.

Source: Trimble