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Online PlanRoom and Document Management System

IDEAL announced today that they have won a bid from Ulster County, New York to supply an IntraNETIX Online PlanRoom and Document Management System. Ulster County Information Systems awarded the bid for the system, which will be used by the Ulster County Highway Department for archiving historical data and for securing images for public safety facilities. Bid specifications called for a system that would enable the scanning of “large format drawings, maps, graphics and small office documents into an archive database.” Once in the database, the images needed to be “managed in a manner to allow for search, view, retrieve and print from local and remote sites.” Ulster County required that this feature should be “browser enabled to provide access via Intranet as well as Internet access.” In addition, Ulster County needed to “edit and modify line style and line width while retaining raster object characteristics and do raster to vector conversion” on their drawings. IDEAL’s IntraNETIX Online PlanRoom and Document Management Systems met all of the bid requirements.
IDEAL will install the system later this month and provide training and support to Ulster County. The system will include a large format IDEAL/Contex color scanner, scanner-operating software with automatic indexing capability and IntraNETIX software. IntraNETIX was developed by IDEAL and makes use of IDEAL’s core “thin client” technology that enables quick browser-based search and view of large drawings.