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Online map shows crime streets of Bangalore

Bangalore, India: MOD Institute, an international think-tank engaged in urbanisation processes in India, in conjunction with CSTEP (Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy) is developing Bangalore Security Map at bsm.mod.org.in. It is based on the Ushahidi platform. This initiative aims to mark out the crime-prone areas of Bangalore city in India.
The map will also include data on dangerous manholes, lanes with no street lights and areas notorious for eve-teasing. For registered customers, there will be alerts on incidents of crime taking place within a 20-km radius. 
An excerpt from the Bangalore Security Map, website states: “Security is a hot-button issue in urban policy debates today. But in most discussions the term security is understood in a restricted sense. It refers to issues that are important to our institutions, such as acts of terrorism, the law and order situation, natural disasters, and other such scenarios. We are interested in a different kind of security. We wish to understand what security means to you, a citizen of this city. To do so, we want to create a Bangalore Security Map that reflects how citizens of the city perceive security and insecurity.”
The cartographers believe the map would help the ordinary citizen to take necessary precautions and it would help the police track and solve crimes far more quickly and efficiently. 
Source: Bangalore Mirror