Home News Online map opens up community information for South Australia

Online map opens up community information for South Australia

South Australia: The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion has launched an online mapping tool called MapIQ, to provide South Australians information on more than 7,000 community services in their neighbourhood. Users can search for services that may be relevant to them via either address or suburb, with most locations featuring embedded hyperlinks to further information.

“At first I went online and just entered my address – and MapIQ turned up some great surprises that I didn’t realise were located at my doorstep. There were community groups, as well as libraries, post offices and emergency services right near my home that I wasn’t aware of – it’s certainly opened my eyes to an exciting new neighbourhood,” said Tony Yates, Alberton resident, Australia. “By acting as a single-point-of-access for information from all these community service providers, MapIQ empowers residents to obtain a wealth of information from the online map using their computer, tablet or smartphone,” said David Floreani, Esri Australia Business Manager.

Source: Future gov