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Online energy GIS data store for oil & gas industry launched

US: In keeping with its mission of revolutionising and innovating the Oil and Gas GIS industry, American Energy Mapping has launched the industry”s first and only online GIS Data store where companies can purchase shape files for natural gas pipelines, crude oil pipelines, petroleum products pipelines, liquid products pipelines, facilities, oil and gas wells, land grid (PLSS), culture data, and more. “We are proud to lead this unique and special niche industry into the 21st century and provide a method for GIS professionals to find what they need, click on it, pay for it and get it delivered without all the back and forth with sales reps,” said Damien Wolff , President of American Energy Mapping.

Until now clients wishing to purchase this type of energy GIS data would have to engage in long, drawn out “consulting” processes, face exorbitant fees to cover inflated overhead expenditures, and execute annual license agreements. “Our clients have spoken and we are listening”, said Wolff, “GIS professionals know that when it comes to this type of data there is no real need for navigating through the confusing marketing messages of data providers. Now they can just visit the store, search for the data they need in the region of their choice and purchase it off the shelf. This saves us money and, in turn, saves our clients as well.”

Source: PR Newswire