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OneMap connects everyone in Singapore

Singapore: OneMap has been launched in Singapore. It is a part of the Sg-Space geospatial initiative by the Singapore Land Authority and the Infocomm Development Authority. Now, parents can use the SchoolQuery service to find out if they stay within a kilometre or two of a certain primary school. Birdwatchers can tap the Nature Society of Singapore’s efforts to map out where types of wild species can be found here. These are some services offered on OneMap, the newly-launched common map platform for public agencies.

It can also be used by individuals, business or community groups that have information or innovative applications to add. For instance, a local community can create its own kampung Web portal, using the OneMap platform where residents can contribute information on their neighbourhood food, shops and recreation. Businesses can also tap it to provide services to consumers or other businesses.

Source: Today Online