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OneGIS introduces Enterprise Service Agreement

Atlanta GA, USA, February 3, 2009 – OneGIS has implemented a fresh approach to offering professional GIS services to its clients – the Enterprise Service Agreement or ESA. This approach offers a way for ESRI users to maximise the effectiveness of their ArcGIS implementations while simplifying billing and saving money on its most commonly offered GIS services. The plan offers level monthly billing to the client based on 3-month, 6-month or 12-month services engagements, resulting in up to 30% savings off regular hourly rates.

In conjunction with the new plan, OneGIS has created a standard list of services. Each task on the list has a corresponding fixed number of hours that will be charged against the client’s monthly “balance” of hours. This method eliminates the need for obtaining separate quotes and purchase orders for individual tasks. In addition, more complex tasks can be performed using ESA hours, but the number of hours for these would have to be predetermined and quoted to the client as needed. The plan also features a roll-over provision. That is, a portion of unused hours from one month can be rolled over into the next month.

The OneGIS ESA offering complements the ESRI Municipal Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) as well as the new ELA specifically aimed at smaller utilities, called the Small Utility Enterprise License Agreement or SU-ELA. But any ESRI user can contract with OneGIS for an ESA to take advantage of the benefits that it affords regardless of whether they use ESRI enterprise licensing.

OneGIS is an authorised reseller for the ESRI Small Utility ELA. Chris Cirillo, OneGIS President commented, “The OneGIS ESA is a win-win situation for our clients. It keeps their costs affordable, flexible and budgetable while allowing them to pick and choose which GIS services they need, knowing in advance exactly how many hours each task will deduct from their monthly pool of hours. For instance, they know that if they sign up for a three day training class and a two day system performance audit in a month, that they would have used all of a 40-hour allocation. We also are pleased to be able to offer this as a stand-alone service plan or in conjunction with both the ESRI Small Municipal and Small Utility Enterprise License Agreements.”