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OneGIS implements Miner & Miner

USA, 17 April 2006: OneGIS has announced that it has completed the Implementation of Designer software for the city of Leesburg, Florida. Designer, an integrated design solution that uses a single, configurable, architecture, is part of the ArcFM Solution from Miner & Miner. ArcFM and Designer are built on the ArcGIS platform from ESRI. In addition to providing the software installation, OneGIS configured Designer to the specific needs of the City and developed custom tools to enhance the business process such as a batch reconcile tool, numerous autotext elements to place design information on the work sketch, as well as custom reports.

Designer allows the City to create all engineering designs within the GIS environment,
ensuring that they are initiated against the most up-to-date spatial information. In conjunction with the implementation contract, OneGIS analyzed the City’s existing
engineering design workflow and configured the software to match that workflow. In addition, a Leesburg-specific Compatible Unit library was created within Designer so that material, equipment, and labor could match the City’s HTE cost estimating, billing and work management system.