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One GNSS device per person on the planet by 2019: GSA Report

The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) has released its 4th edition of GNSS Market Report, presenting an overview and quantification of the GNSS market of today and the future. The report looks at the global GNSS market in terms of shipments, revenues and installed base of receivers, with an outlook up to 2023.

GNSS is used around the globe, with 3.6 billion GNSS devices in use in 2014. By 2019, this is forecasted to increase to over 7 billion – for an average of one device per person on the planet. Smartphones continue to dominate (3.08 bln in 2014), being the most popular platform to access Location-Based Services, followed by devices used for road applications (0.26 bln). Other devices may be less numerous, but billions of passengers, professionals, consumers and citizens worldwide benefit from their application in efficient and safe transport networks, in productive and sustainable agriculture, surveying, and critical infrastructures.

At the regional level, the installed base in the mature regions of EU28 and North America will grow steadily (8% p.a.) through 2023. The primary region of global market growth will be Asia-Pacific, which is forecasted to grow 11% p.a. from 1.7 bln in 2014 to 4.2 bln devices in 2023 – more than the EU and North America combined. The Middle East and Africa will grow at the fastest rate (19% p.a.), but starting from a low base. As a result, the ‘digital divide’ is forecasted to narrow. Although there is significant regional variation in GNSS penetration in terms of devices per capita, the up-take of smartphones in emerging regions will change the situation in almost every corner of the world.

Source: GSA