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OnAsset, GeoDecisions partner to extend wireless M2M solutions

DALLAS, USA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OnAsset Intelligence Inc., provider of wireless asset tracking, sensing, and control solutions, announced a strategic partnership with GeoDecisions, an information technology company specialising in geospatial solutions, to extend the company’s OnAsset Platform with robust, mature, geospatial tools. Marking a first-of-its-kind, web-based, machine-to-machine (M2M) application, OnAsset Platform provides customers with visibility into near-real-time asset information like operational condition, location, dwell time, route adherence, and two-way, over-the-air (OTA) device control capabilities. Now, OnAsset will offer new, advanced features only possible using in depth geospatial information from GeoDecisions, like near-real-time weather and traffic, HAZMAT plume modeling, and important infrastructure data including locations of police departments and emergency responders, airports, railways, seaports worldwide, and much more.

“With the two companies working together, our solutions provide a comprehensive view into near-real-time asset conditions and their surrounding environment. The only thing better is being there.” says Jonathan Pollack, Sr. VP of GeoDecisions.

OnAsset provides a line of Sentry hardware products designed to remotely gather location and condition data from fixed or mobile assets; transmit that data over a variety of wireless communications, including cellular, satellite, mesh, and WiFi; and deliver it to the company’s OnAsset Platform where customers access and manage critical information on the Web.

“We can’t imagine a better partner than GeoDecisions to help enhance our OnAsset Platform with new unbeatable functionality,” says Adam Crossno, President and CEO of OnAsset.