Home News OmniSci provides dashboard for latest data on Covid-19

OmniSci provides dashboard for latest data on Covid-19

OmniSci has recently created dashboard for latest data on Covid-19 cases. The default dashboard opens with several views of the worldwide data. Users can navigate geographically with the world map or select specific filters for search area. The dashboard also allows users to create new filters, compare specific countries, and investigate from many perspectives. The data is updated daily.

OmniSci delivers a data analysis platform designed to handle enormous volumes of data and to be lightning fast. It combines the power of massive parallel processing with GPUs and traditional computing power of CPUs. The result is high-performance analytics that scale. Fundamentally, OmniSci is built on several technology blocks. The OmniSciDB forms the base. It is an open source SQL database. The company claims that it is the world’s fastest open source analytics database.

OmniSci Render provides visualization of enormous datasets. It is a server-side rendering engine that can provide scatterplot, pointmap, and polygonal renderings of very large datasets with essentially no latency. This provides users with the ability to interactively explore datasets in ways that were not possible before. These two technologies come together in OmniSci Immerse. This is a web-based interface which merges the performance of OmniSciDB and OmniSci Render in order to provide a clean and fast visualization interface to data.