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Omani fishermen learn to use navigation device

Muscat, Oman: Brazilian mining firm Vale distributed 200 navigation devices and organised training programmes for the local fishermen in the Wilayat of Liwa, Oman. Held under the auspices of Sheikh Saif bin Mohammed Al Gaithy, the Deputy Wali of Liwa, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the training programmes aimed at enhancing fishermen’s capacities by integrating the advantages of the space-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) with local fishing practices to navigate the sea and mark rich fishing areas.
“Vale’s socio-economic investments are structured based on a comprehensive and methodical understanding of the territories we operate in,” said Marcos Beluco, chief operational officer, Vale. “In our role as responsible and sustainable operators, we are committed to further nurturing and developing this primary source of livelihood by joining forces with government entities, experts, researchers and the community,” he said. 
Designed to identify fishing hot spots and determining sea-floor depths, the Arabic-enabled navigation devices will diminish income fluctuations faced by fishermen because of fish migration and changes in sea conditions. 
Vale recently concluded an in-depth socio-economic study of Al Batinah region and in particular, the wilayats of Sohar, Liwa and Shinas. In its quest to build a positive legacy for the future generations, the OMR 13,000 (OMR: Omani rial) investment in providing navigation devices represents one of the many planned community-outreach programmes Vale is committed to implementing. The programme aims to fulfil the company’s mandate to become a global agent for sustainability and a catalyst for local development. 
Source: Times of Oman