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‘Oman to expand use of RS data in agriculture’

Muscat, Oman: Widening the use of remote sensing facilities will be a boon for the Sultanate of Oman’s agriculture sector, observed Khalifa Al Kindi, a GIS educator and remote sensing researcher in the Sultanate. Khalifa was in conversation with Times of Oman
Khalifa said, “Remote sensing data can provide information that is useful for many crop management decisions, including the detection of nutrient deficiencies, excesses or deficiencies of soil water, damage caused by insects, weeds, or diseases, and the magnitude of these factors in various portions of fields. Based-on these spatial differences, variable rate application of inputs such as fertilisers or pesticides can be made. Remote sensing information can be used to establish sub-field management zones for variable rate application, providing a less expensive and finer resolution option than grid sampling.”
“Hyperspectral remote sensing is a relatively new technology that is being used in the discovery and identification of precise agriculture, mineral exploration, urban investigation, water stress, and others. It can be useful for monitoring and mapping water stress, detecting plant pests and diseases, detecting the hydrocarbon, monitoring and mapping crop quality and growth, wetland, water quality and phosphorus and nitrogen deficiencies in corn,” Khalifa added. 
Source: Times of Oman