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Oman to digitally map schools

Muscat, Oman: Her Excellency (HE) Dr Madiha Bint Ahmed Al Shibaniyah, Minister of Education, Oman, announced digital school map project (also known as the Digital Atlas) during an exhibition in Muscat. She stated that the project will use GIS technology and help experts analyse and process geographical data. The resulting information will subsequently help people involved in the education sector make appropriate decisions for its development.
“Modern technology is one of the focus areas for the Sultanate to achieve an e-government system,” said Suliman Bin Zaher Al Roeeshdi, Director-General of the Directorate-General of planning and quality. “The ministry is keeping its various departments updated to the latest advancements in technology,” he added.
According to Al Roeeshdi, the Digital Atlas will help identify reality of the education process and review its needs for the future. “One of the features of the digital school map is that it takes into account the inputs from houses, social factors and other statistical data to give an accurate picture of schools and their geographical and housing environment,” he stressed.
Source: Muscat Daily & Oman Tribune