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Omaha in Nebraska awards Accela $1.2 million contract for new enterprise management solution

Accela, Inc., the provider of government enterprise management software solutions, has announced that Omaha, Nebraska has selected Accela Automation to be implemented as the city’s new integrated permitting, licensing, and inspection management system.
The enterprise application will be deployed for the Planning Department and will interface with functions in the Fire, Public Works, and Finance Departments. Accela Automation will provide a centralized database for tracking and managing the permitting and licensing activities, eliminating the disparate databases the city currently maintains and allowing employees to be interconnected and operate more efficiently. Staff will use the new application to automate permitting, inspections, workflow, contractor
licenses, development plan review, and other critical functions. The city currently issues 40,000 — 45,000 permits annually including building, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, mechanical, and other construction related permits. Accela develops enterprise systems for asset management, emergency response, licensing, permitting, planning, public health, and many other processes for government agencies of all sizes.