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Ogun to implement GIS and LAMS projects

Nigeria: At a recent press meet, Special Adviser and Director General Bureau of Lands and Survey, Adewale Oshinowo said that the Ogun State Government has decided to transform the entire operations of the Bureau of Lands and Survey.

The State aims create a digital archive of the registry documents, and to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) and Land Management System (LAMS) to capture, store, analyse, share, manage and display all types of geographical data in the Bureau and other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). Oshinowo said the decision was taken so that the business and workflow processes within the Bureau are automated and that the land administration in Ogun State meets the global standards.

He said the benefits of the project include the increased survey accuracy, faster local searches for property titles, online search facilities, digital archive of valuable land documents and easier processing of title documents, adding that the project would also assist the government to respond quickly to increasing demand for land by investors.

The other objectives announced at the press interaction included implementation of a comprehensive Land Information System and an enterprise GIS system with cadastral and base map for the entire state, the geospatial data analysis for the state and the geospatial enterprise operations of the GIS system; the framework for administration of survey controls in the state and executing the correction of second and third order survey controls in the State, acquisition of processed satellite imagery of the whole State, execution of the Geoid-computation and framework of entire State and installation and operation of a Continuous Reference Stations (CORS) Network in the State.

Source: Daily Independent