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OGC Seeks Sponsors for Second Thread of Web Services Initiative

The Open GIS Consortium, Inc
(OGC) has announced a Call for Sponsors for the OGC Web Services
(OWS), Thread Set 2 Initiative. OWS Thread Set 2, set to commence in
April 2002, will build on the successful results of previous OGC
Interoperability Program initiatives. These initiatives are helping to
establish a core set of OpenGIS® Specifications that enable freer access
to web services to process and apply geographic information in support of
vital government, business, education and research, and consumer

OGC seeks sponsoring organizations to further shape the common
market vision and technology objectives for this important initiative. OWS
Thread Set 2 aims to extend engineering specifications developed in
OWS Thread Set 1 and other initiatives including: OGC Common
Architecture, Web Mapping, and Sensor Web specifications. These
specifications are actively being developed and tested by OGC members
as part of OWS Thread Set 1 in consultation with local government to
address interoperability issues identified during recent response and
recovery efforts in New York City. OWS Thread Set 2 may address new
specifications for web-based imagery exploitation, focusing on the
development and testing of open architectures to dynamically connect
earth imagery and other geospatial information providers, maintainers,
and users.