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OGC requests Public opinion for Proposed Web Coverage Service Specification

At last week’s Open GIS Consortium, Technical and Planning Committee meetings, the Coverage Working Group, the OGC Technical Committee, and the OGC Planning Committee has voted to release the proposed Web Coverage Service (WCS) Implementation Specification, for public comment, as a Request for Comment (RFC). The RFC details draft interfaces that allow gridded and certain non-gridded geospatial data on a server to be accessed and used by client software as input into spatial model, local rendering and other uses. The documentation is available at https://www.opengis.org/info/techno/request.htm and comments are invited from any interested parties for 30 days, until Jan 17, 2003.

The Web Coverage Service (WCS) provides access to intact, raw data. WCS’ three key operations, GetCapabilities, GetCoverage, and DescribeCoverageType are designed to work with coverages (imagery, TINS and other types of gridded and non-gridded intelligent data). The GetCapabilities operation returns an XML document from the server that describes the service and the data collections available. The GetCoverage operation of a Web Coverage Service returns values or properties associated with geographic locations. The values are encoded in one of the well-known coverage formats as supported by the server and selected by the client.

Jeff Labonte, Director of the Canada’s GeoConnections Program, stated that the Web Coverage Service is an important element that will further development of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure by promoting interoperability of important sources of information such as earth observation satellites and imagery.